Integrated Large-Item Shipping Options for eCommerce and Enterprise


Too big for a box? uShip Logistics (UL) provides integrated shipping solutions for anything big, odd, unpackaged, loose or heavy. UL's next generation technology takes the pain out of shipping by integrating shipping costs at the point of sale for items of any size. We save our clients save time, hassle, and money by managing their entire shipping process integrated quoting to delivery.  What's better, your business will expand its online reach by decreasing the friction and total cost for out-of-area buyers. No matter what you sell, your customers can now truly ship anything, anywhere with just the click of a button.  




The uShip API provides a simple way to integrate our shipping services into your existing systems. You can call the API from your online shopping cart, customer relationship management system, ERP, or order management system. Endpoints are available to access rating, booking, dispatch, status and tracking.


While our shipping software does the heavy lifting, our team of logistics experts are available to resolve exceptions and provide the dedicated service you expect. Even better, our team is available to you devise customized solutions for the most complex shipping challenges, and has experience in virtually all aspects of the business.



Our network of carriers is the world's largest of technology-enabled, per-qualified service providers. From the largest national brands to your local final-mile or mom and pop, our network's reach, capability, and service quality second to none. 

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Private Beta Access Available Q1 2018